Can I use a VPN if I want to get region-exclusive products?

Asked 2 years ago

There’s a thing I just learnt called geo-blocking. I did not know about it till recently. I am currently in a country that has blocked access to some websites. They do this when they deem certain things as illegal. My wedding anniversary is coming up soon and I want to buy my wife something from an online retailer she once mentioned, but the access we have in my current location is limited to certain items. Are VPNs useful for online shopping for exclusive products?

Koen Porter

Friday, September 30, 2022

Yes, a VPN helps you see region-exclusive products or any type of similar content - even if you're not physically there. Due to legal reasons, some countries restrict certain types of content, and you won't be able to see them due to geo-blocking (as you already understood). The best way to circumvent this restriction and get region-exclusive products is undoubtedly with a VPN.

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