Can using a VPN help to prevent being infected with fileless malware?

Asked 2 years ago

Hi. I have recently learnt about fileless malware and how it exploits the trust of those who use commonly used tools. This is concerning to me, because I am assuming that this means that it is easy to fall victim to this type of cyber attack. Therefore, I am hoping to guard against such an attack by using a VPN. Does anyone know if VPNs are effective for this? Thanks in advance.

Abeeha Qasmi

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Fileless malware attackers target people online to use real-time virus execution. However, this threat can be subsided if you hide your activity and encrypt the data through a VPN. A premium VPN service uses 256-bit encryption to make a secure tunnel around your network. If you stop someone from tracking you while surfing the web pages, you'll also restrict them from attacking you using fileless malware.

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