How much of my online activity can an ISP see when connected to a VPN?

Asked a year ago

Hey. I have been advised that using a VPN keeps online activity hidden away from an ISP. However, after hearing that an ISP can see when one has connected to a VPN, I am curious about what other information is visible to an ISP while connected to a VPN. Any insights would be appreciated.

Abeeha Qasmi

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

When connected to a VPN, the ISP can't see whatever you're doing on the internet. They can't see your browsing history or what sites you've been visiting because all of that data is being routed through the VPN's network instead.

The VPN not only encrypts your data before it gets sent to the server, but it also re-encrypts the data when it gets back. That means even if someone monitored your internet activity directly, they would have no idea what information was being transmitted.

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