Should I use my VPN to spoof my Spotify location?

Asked 2 years ago

I want to unlock region-locked features, I currently live in Europe, but I've been looking for more South African music (I fell in love with their native music when I went on a trip through Africa). However, I cannot seem to access these ( they're greyed out). Would it be possible to access these if I use my VPN to change my location yet retain my current playlists?

Filip Dimkovski

Thursday, November 03, 2022

As far as Spotify's terms and conditions go, the app requires you to change the location inside of your profile depending on your location. So, your Spotify might be temporarily unavailable until you change the location based on your VPN's server. So, location spoofing with Spotify is somewhat difficult with a VPN. Nevertheless, the VPN will encrypt your data and protect you from being tracked, while ensuring that you retain your current playlists and interests.

Additionally, Spotify might have some geo-blocked content, which is the "greyed-out" playlists you're seeing. Setting your VPN to a location where these playlists aren't blocked out will make them visible and keep your current playlists.

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