Can I use a VPN when I use an app with third-party data collection?

Asked 2 years ago

I recently learned that most, if not all, smart device apps collect user data and send it to third-party tracking companies. I want to create and send out a survey for my business, but I don't want other companies to see the information I collect. Would installing a VPN allow me to encrypt and secure my data collection, or is this wishful thinking?

Damian Gamble

Friday, August 26, 2022

Only a premium service VPN encrypts data from your mobile to any other place like websites or third-party servers. This encrypted data is secure with AES 256 encryption, ensuring no one decodes it. Therefore, browsing third-party sites for data collection is entirely safe until you have a VPN client with a standard encryption tunnel pathway. However, you must not be logged into your account on the third-party service. Otherwise, it will link the activity back to your home connection.

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