Do banking platforms block VPNs?

Asked 2 years ago

I run an online clothing shop and have recently bought a new laptop to do business on. My brother helped me install a VPN to protect my private information and conceal my online browsing. I need to use this laptop to do online banking for my business, but I had the sudden realization that this might clash with the VPN. Do banking platforms block VPNs, or will my information still be safe?

Dillon Wyatt

Monday, July 18, 2022

Your confidential data, i.e., bank details, will be safer with a VPN, without any doubt. However, sometimes banks do block VPNs when they sense something fishy. For instance, the algorithm gets alarmed when your bank account is accessed from different locations in less than 30 minutes. Hence, blocks the VPN then and there! This preventive measure is taken to avoid fraudulent activities.

You can use a good-quality VPN to access your banking account to avoid this cumbersome situation. Even when your banking application blocks a payment, you can verify yourself to continue the transaction through a VPN.

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