Does a VPN protect my privacy over a remote desktop link?

Asked 2 years ago

Hello, I find myself in the position where I will be working with sensitive work data over a remote desktop link. I'm concerned that a VPN may not be enough to encrypt my connection. Do you think my data will be secure enough from hackers, or are there additional precautions I should take to increase security?

Isiah Hopkins

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

VPNs encrypt all the traffic that travels through the remote desktop link. That means ISP, government, or third parties cannot decrypt it. Moreover, it masks your original IP address to hide your identity so no one can track you geographically. To ensure your privacy over a remote desktop link, use only trusted and premium VPNs like IP Vanish. IP Vanish has a WireGuard Encryption Protocol for end-to-end encryption.

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