A Huge Leak Allegedly Includes Twitch Source Code and Creator Payments

A Huge Leak Allegedly Includes Twitch Source Code and Creator Payments

Twitch is the latest hacker victim. The source code for the company’s streaming service, an unannounced Steam competitor from Amazon Game Studios, and information on creator payouts all being exposed.

On the 4chan message board, an unnamed source has released a 125GB torrent claiming to include the whole of Twitch and its commit history.

The breach is intended to promote more significant disruption and competition in the online video streaming market. While the authenticity of the leak’s contents is not possible to immediately confirm, Video Games Chronicle confirmed that it was legitimate.

“VGC can verify that the files mentioned on 4chan are publicly available to download as described by the anonymous hacker. One anonymous company source told VGC that the leaked data is legitimate, including the source code for the Amazon-owned streaming platform,” Video Games Chronicle wrote.

The following are claimed to be part of the leak:

  • Details on Twitch creator payouts for the past three years.
  • Twitch client source code for mobile, desktop, and video game consoles.
  • The aggregate of tv, “with commit history stretching back to its early origins.”
  • Codes related to Twitch’s proprietary SDKs and internal AWS services.
  • An unannounced Steam rival from Amazon Game Studios.
  • Data present on other Twitch properties, such as CurseForge and IGDB.
  • Internal security technologies at Twitch.

The leak is referred to as “part one,” implying that there may be more to come. According to Video Games Chronicle, the data might have been stolen as recently as this week, and Twitch knows about the breach.

Until there is no response from Twitch, the safest option would be to reset your Twitch password and enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account.

Twitch has struggled to keep ongoing hatred and abuse at bay. The #DoBetterTwitch movement has prompted Twitch to reply. The unidentified hacker has used this hashtag to promote the leak.

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