After A Ransomware Cyberattack Shut Down Milk Factories, Schreiber Foods Is Back to Normal

After A Ransomware Cyberattack Shut Down Milk Factories, Schreiber Foods Is Back to Normal

Schreiber Foods says its operations and distribution hubs are up and running again after being hit by a ransomware attack over the weekend.

As cybercriminals continue to show no fear in attacking a range of businesses, the food production behemoth has become the latest crucial industrial organization to be targeted by ransomware in recent months. 

According to Schreiber Foods’ communications director, their systems were disrupted by a “cyber incident” that began on Friday and lasted over the weekend.

As a result, their plants and distribution hubs could not use the systems they relied on. It affected all of their sites, but luckily, they have a dedicated response team that leaped into action right once and started working to resolve the issue. They’ve made significant progress, and their plants began to return to service on Monday, October 25.

Recently, the Wisconsin State Farmer reported that Schreiber had received a $2.5 million ransom demand due to the incident. According to the news site, the firm began informing milk carriers about the problems with its computer systems on Saturday, requiring the haulers to transfer the milk elsewhere.

Because Schreiber manages milk processing using various computerized equipment and computers, the hack affected the whole milk supply chain. With facilities throughout Europe and South America, the corporation employs thousands of people and generates billions in revenue each year.

Schreiber Foods is the most recent firm in the food industry to be targeted by ransomware in recent months. The BlackMatter ransomware group was blamed by CISA last week for two cyberattacks on New Cooperative and Crystal Valley in September.

CISA, the FBI, and the NSA stated in the alert that BlackMatter had been targeting various US critical infrastructure entities since July.

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