Chanel Korea Apologizes For Customer Data Leak

Chanel Korea Apologizes For Customer Data Leak

The South Korean unit of the luxury brand Chanel confirmed a cyberattack in which hackers stole customers’ personal data and apologized for the incident.

On Sunday, the company revealed that its database containing the personal information of its customers had been breached. The affected individuals included those who had signed up for its beauty and fragrance division.

More sensitive information, including payment details, IDs, and passwords, were not leaked, the company said.

“We sincerely apologize to our customers for the matter and the inconvenience it caused,” Chanel has apologized.

Following an incident where its servers were hacked, the fashion brand blocked the IP address of the attacker. The company noted that it hired third-party experts and identified the cause of the incident.

We have engaged a leading independent cybersecurity firm to conduct an investigation and identified no evidence of further impact on other systems and data. The incident was immediately reported to the government authority KISA, and now being thoroughly investigated by the KISA and the relevant authority PIPC,” a representative for Chanel Korea told The Korea Herald.

Those who had their information compromised were notified via email and SMS. The company also encourages people to report if they think their information was also compromised.

When customers agree to be added to Chanel Korea’s database, their names, phone numbers, and birthdates are collected.

Data security is a top priority for the company. In response to the incident, the company noted that it has dedicated resources to continuously monitor and detect any suspicious activities.

Data security is an absolute priority for Chanel, and we have dedicated significant resources to ensure it undergoes constant monitoring and adjustment to immediately detect any malicious activities such as this incident,” the company said.

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