Conti Malware Has Infected Taiwanese Apple And Tesla Contractor

Conti Malware Has Infected Taiwanese Apple And Tesla Contractor

Delta Electronics, a Taiwanese electronics business that supplies Apple, Tesla, HP, and Dell, announced on Friday that it had been the target of a cyberattack. Delta boasts of being the world’s largest switching power supply manufacturer, with sales of more than $9 billion last year.

The company declared in a recent statement that the event only affected non-critical systems and had no substantial impact on its operations. On January 18, the attack was identified by the AdvIntel “Andariel” platform. Delta is currently attempting to restore systems knocked down during the attack. It claims to have enlisted the support of third-party security specialists to assist with the investigation and recovery.

The electronics company also stated that it had alerted federal law enforcement organizations to cooperate with the inquiry. While Delta did not indicate who was behind the attack, as CTWANT initially reported, an unnamed information security firm discovered a Conti ransomware sample on the company’s network.

According to agreements between the two companies, Conti claims to have encrypted 1,500 servers and 12,000 PCs out of around 65,000 devices on Delta’s network. Delta was ordered to pay a $15 million ransom for a decryptor and stop disclosing files stolen from their network by the Conti ransomware group. A discount was also guaranteed if the corporation paid promptly.

While Delta maintains that their production was unaffected by the attack and is currently working with Trend and Microsoft’s security teams to examine the matter, its website is still down one week later. The Record found that Customers of Delta can use this secondary domain while the firm restores service to its main website, which is currently down following the ransomware attack.

“The Conti ransomware group revealed a specific pattern part of the Delta attack leveraging Cobalt Strike with Atera for persistence as revealed by our platform adversarial visibility. Certainly, this attack is reminiscent of the REvil Quanta one affecting one of the Apple suppliers,” as said by Vitali Kremez, AdvIntel CEO.

When contacted previously, a Delta Electronics spokesperson was unavailable for comment.

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