Customers of DDoS Booters In the Netherlands are Receiving Letters from the Dutch Police

Customers of DDoS Booters In the Netherlands are Receiving Letters from the Dutch Police

More than a dozen clients of a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) website,, received the last warning from Dutch authorities, informing them that their continuing cyber-crimes will result in prosecution.

The Dutch Police letters are intended to minimize cybercrime and direct offenders to legal options for improving their abilities.

On Monday, the police sent letters to 29 Dutch nationals telling them that their illegal behavior had been documented and that further violations may result in a conviction.

The Dutch Police said that they’d been entered into the police’s system, and they’ll get the last warning immediately. Legal action will be taken if similar facts occur in the future. Consider a conviction, criminal record, and the loss of a computer or/and laptop in such a scenario.

All the people involved were users of, a so-called booter website that allowed users to execute DDoS attacks against their chosen targets.

After beginning an investigation into the website in 2020, the police learned about their activities after reports that was used to launch a DDoS attack on a gaming server.

DDoS attacks were launched against dozens of additional targets in the business and public sectors with the aid of the service. The site has now been taken down, and the inquiry is still underway.

The residences of two 19-year-olds suspected of being connected with the website were raided by Dutch police on July 30 last year. Three months prior, the authorities had taken down 15 booter websites in one week.

The 29 letters delivered on Monday have no legal ramifications, but they serve as a final warning to the receivers that they will not be given another free pass if they are discovered again.

The police are attempting to rehabilitate offenders and assist them in staying out of trouble by allowing them to choose a lawful path to become more informed by putting their digital skills to the test.

Whether it’s computer hacking, video gaming, or cybercrime, the Dutch Police provide various programs where young people might discover challenges that keep them from engaging in criminal activities.

As part of their attempts to deter people from pursuing cybercrime activities, the Dutch Police started posting on Russian and English-speaking hacker forums earlier this year, saying they would leave no stone unturned in locating individuals engaged in cybercrime.

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