Due To a Network Issue, Google Chromebooks Are Unable to Enroll

Due To a Network Issue, Users Can’t Enroll Google Chromebooks, Compromising Security

Recently, Google has been looking into consumers having trouble registering their Chromebooks due to a network fault, thus compromising user security.

As per user complaints, “network not available” messages appear on the screen after booting into Chrome OS and enrolling the devices.

To recreate this problem, follow these steps:

  1. Booting the Chrome OS device
  2. Attempting to enroll the device
  3. Connecting to a network
  4. “Network not available” shown on the screen

Google experts began analyzing the claims yesterday at 4:26 PM GMT+3 and announced the problem had been resolved in an update provided today at 11:19 GMT+3. However, the issue is still listed as continuing on Google’s customer service portal, with a “Partially Resolved” status.

This is most likely due to a server-side solution still being rolled out to all afflicted Chromebooks. You may check for updates yourself to acquire the fix faster by connecting to Wi-Fi, navigating to Settings > About Chrome OS, and choosing “Check for updates.” If a software update is found, the Chromebook will begin downloading and installing it automatically.

If a software update is found, the Chromebook will immediately download and install it. In September, Google also resolved an issue that caused users’ Chromebooks to display blank screens while entering their Chrome OS accounts.

According to some reports at the time, 80 percent of users on a network were unable to sign in because they were immediately sent to the login screen.

Chromebook users were plagued with yet another significant bug three months ago, prohibiting them from entering their computers after updating to Chrome OS 91.0.4472.165.

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