Files Hacked From Components Giant Parker Hannifin Leaked by Ransomware Gang 

Files Hacked From Components Giant Parker Hannifin Leaked by Ransomware Gang 

A known cybercrime gang has published several gigabytes of files reportedly hacked from US industrial components giant Parker Hannifin. Parker Hannifin is a motion and control technology company that delivers precision-built solutions to companies in the aerospace, mobile, and industrial sectors. 

The Fortune 250 business stated in a regulatory filing on Tuesday that a breach of its systems was discovered on March 14. Parker shut down several systems and initiated an inquiry after detecting the incident. Law enforcement has been alerted, and cybersecurity and legal specialists have been summoned to help. Although the investigation is ongoing, the company has verified that some data, including employee personal information, was accessed and stolen. 

“Based on its preliminary assessment and on the information currently known, the incident has not had a significant financial or operational impact and the Company does not believe the incident will have a material impact on its business, operations or financial results,” said Parker. “The Company’s business systems are fully operational, and the Company maintains insurance, subject to certain deductibles and policy limitations typical for its size and industry.” 

While the corporation has not released any further information about the issue, cybersecurity specialists have discovered that the renowned Conti gang has claimed responsibility for the hack on Parker. The hacker gang has released more than 5 GB of archive files allegedly containing papers taken from Parker. However, this might be a small portion of the entire material they have gotten – according to the Conti website, just 3% of the stolen data has been released. 

Typically, hackers inform victims that they must pay millions of dollars to restore encrypted files and prevent stolen information from being exposed. Hundreds of groups have been targeted by cybercriminals in recent years, but the organization became a target in February after expressing support for Russia’s government during its invasion of Ukraine. 

Conti data, including malware source code, chat logs, passwords, email addresses, and C&C server details, has been disclosed by someone claiming to be a Ukrainian cybersecurity researcher. Conti works like any other firm, with contractors, workers, and HR issues, according to the released material. Research by incident response company BreachQuest disclosed that Conti spent about $6 million on personnel pay, equipment, and professional services in the last year alone. 

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