Over 100,000 Employee Social Security Numbers Leaked by California Pizza Kitchen

Over 100,000 Employee Social Security Numbers Leaked by California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) has disclosed a data breach in which the Social Security information of over 100,000 present and past workers were exposed. In a data breach statement released this week, the United States pizza company having more than 250 stores in 32 states confirmed the occurrence.

On September 15, the corporation stated it discovered a “disruption” to its systems and sought to “quickly protect” its environment. Cybercriminals had hacked the business’s networks and gotten access to specific information, including employee names and Social Security numbers, by October 4, the company claimed.

While CPK would not confirm the number of persons affected by the incident, the Maine attorney general’s office said the hack affected 103,767 current and former workers, including eight Maine residents. As of 2017, CPK employed roughly 14,000 individuals, implying that most of those affected are former workers.

CPK said that information security is one of their top objectives, and they have stringent security procedures in place to safeguard the information in their possession.

“Information security is among our highest priorities, and we have strict security measures in place to protect information in our care,” CPK said.

They took quick action after learning about the event and are assessing their existing security rules and have put extra safeguards to defend against such events in the future.

“Upon discovering this incident, we immediately took steps to review and reinforce the security of our computing environment. We are reviewing existing security policies and have implemented additional measures to further protect against similar incidents moving forward.”

While CPK is beefing up its security in the wake of the incident, it’s unclear why it took two months for the business to tell state authorities. Law enforcement has not delayed the firm’s notice of a data breach, according to the firm.

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