'Powerful' Cyber-Attack Has Damaged Ukrainian ISP Used by Military 

‘Powerful’ Cyber-Attack Has Damaged Ukrainian ISP Used by Military 

A cyber-attack on a Ukrainian internet service provider (ISP) that serves the country’s military occurred yesterday, March 28th. This attack knocked networks offline. The State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection (SSSCIP) of Ukraine acknowledged that the “powerful” attack on Ukrtelecom was resisted, but networks were disrupted. 

In order to protect the military and other high-priority users, some clients were denied access to communications networks. On Twitter, the SSCIP wrote: “In order to preserve its network infrastructure and to continue providing services to Ukraine’s Armed Forces and other military formations as well as to the customers, #Ukrtelecom has temporarily limited providing its services to the majority of private users and business clients.” 

The internet outage trackers disclosed that the disruption occurred at about 10:00 UTC on March 28th. Although the perpetrator of the attack has yet to be identified, suspicion has automatically gravitated to Russia. In the view of the world’s media, Russia has so far engaged in fewer acts of cyberwar than anticipated.  

On the other hand, the SSSCIP has been gathering evidence of attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure, which show no indications of abating. SSSCIP chairman Yurii Shchyhol said yesterday at a news conference that the first cyberwar in human history is underway. He stated that in this conflict, the whole global IT community is united in their opposition to injustice and Russian forces’ attempts to destroy our nation.  

He added that they’re doing everything they can to stop the attacker. SSSCIP was approached to determine the source of the attack, but no answer has been received yet. 

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