Private Staff Page at RaidForums Data Marketplace Leaked

Private Staff Page at RaidForums Marketplace Leaked

RaidForums, an underground marketplace and hacker community, has disclosed a data breach of internal pages from its website that were solely meant for staff employees.

At RaidForums, threat actors frequently sell or disclose illicitly acquired data dumps. Now they, however, have to deal with the rare scenario of their data breach.

Users of this forum routinely sell private databases unlawfully obtained through data breaches, vulnerability exploits, and credit card information. Sometimes these sets are traded for money and sometimes disclosed for free.

When you visit RaidForums, you’ll come across a section – Staff General. It is usually only accessible to internal personnel. But, by someone’s mistake, this secret area was left open for anyone to view.

The leaked page provides security advice for an account. It is aimed at informing forum managers and moderators about security best practices. The note on this page includes advice on using VPNs, password managers, and enabling two-factor authentication for accounts.

The note from one of the RaidForums admins suggests creating a fake identity and using it to join up for services that need it or simply using the details of celebrities or regular individuals.

Other topics that have been discussed in the private section encompassed conversations on bans, the ideal location for staff chat, and other requests.

The timestamp on this page displayed the current time as September 20, 2021, 05:17 AM. It means the page was left open until this week. If you check the “Staff General” section now, you’ll see that it is restricted to authorized personnel. Yes, efforts have been made to stop the leak.

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