Ragnar Locker Ransomware Gang Leaks 700 GB of ADATA Info

Ragnar Locker Ransomware Gang Leaks 700 GB of ADATA Info

The Ragnar Locker ransomware gang has published links to more than 700GB of data stolen from Taiwanese storage company ADATA. This is the second batch of stolen ADATA files that is published by the hackers after an attack in May.

On Saturday, the ransomware actor published links to the new batch of leaked documents, warning anyone interested that it will not be up for long. The alleged sensitive files were stored on 13 archives.

Two of the leaked archives are over 100 GB, others are less than 1.1 GB and can be easily downloaded. There two large archives are 300 GB and over 117 GB in size. The names of the archives do not reveal what the contents are (Archive#1 and Archive#2).

But it’s believed that Ragnar Locker stole documents containing financial information and non-disclosure agreements.

Ragnar Locker’s hunch proved true, as MEGA storage service removed the data after they learned that the gang had illegally obtained it from the ADATA platform.

As we reported, ADATA was hit by a ransomware attack on May 23, 2021. The company did not pay the ransom and immediately restored the affected systems.

According to Ragnar Locker, they stole 1.5 TB of sensitive files before performing the encryption step. They also noted ADATA’s poor network defenses and offered to cooperate with the company to fix the issues and restore their systems, but ADATA did not accept the deal:

“So then, as usual, we did offer to cooperate to fix the vulnerabilities and to restore their system and of course, avoid any publication regarding this issue, however, they didn’t value much their own private information, as well as partners/clients/employees/customers information,” Ragnar Locker said.

The previous batch of leaked ADATA information featured 7 small 7-zip archives that were published earlier this month and could still be downloaded.

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