UK Police's Raid Against Smishing, Eight Men Arrested

UK Police’s Raid Against Smishing, Eight Men Arrested

Hackers like exploiting names of trusted brands in smishing attacks with the goal of directing recipients to fake websites and stealing people’s personal and financial details.

UK’s Police have made eight arrests of individuals suspected of sending out “smishing” text messages that pretended to be from the Royal Mail. A communication from the City of London police says that in a series of operations in London, Coventry, Birmingham and Colchester, eight men have been arrested on suspicion of fraud. The police suspect the arrested suspects have been involved in a smishing campaign during which scammers sent out texts masquerading as Royal Mail. The texts asked the recipient to pay a postage fee for a parcel or enter their delivery details. 

The arrests were part of a c Officers from the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU) of the City of London and Metropolitan police unit worked in partnership with Royal Mail and telecom companies.

The police seized devices suspected of being used in smishing scams. This allowed the police to recover records of stolen financial details and share them with banks to inform customers that they’ve fallen victims to fraud. 

“The success of these operations shows how through our close collaboration with Royal Mail, the financial services sector, and mobile phone networks, we are cracking down on the criminals ruthlessly targeting the public,” said Detective Chief Inspector Gary Robinson, the head of DCPCU.

“Ongoing investigations are now underway and we will continue to work together to bring those committing smishing scams to justice.”

A man from London was charged with three offenses. He will face charges of fraud, possession of articles for use in fraud, and property possession, the DCPCU said.

 Seven others were released until further investigation.

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