US Medical Imaging Center Express MRI Suffers a Data Breach

US Medical Imaging Center Express MRI Suffers a Data Breach

A medical imaging center in the US recently disclosed a data breach that exposed the personal information of its customers.

Based in Georgia, Atlanta, Express MRI offers affordable, high-quality MRI scans.

The company revealed that some of its customers’ data had been accessed in a breach that happened around July 10, 2020. It was discovered when an attacker sent unauthorized emails from the company’s Express MRI email account.

It was initially believed that no sensitive information was exposed, but further investigation revealed that emails containing the data were accessed, read, and/or exported. These leaked emails may have included the name of the doctor, the type of scan performed, and names, addresses, email addresses, dates of birth, and ages of patients.

However, no Social Security numbers or financial information were accessed, the company assured.

Alex Halpern, the CEO of Express MRI, said that protecting patients’ personal information is their top priority. He offered an apology: “We sincerely apologize to our patients for this inconvenience.”

Express MRI has taken various steps to secure the personal information of its patients following a data breach that occurred in July. The company said it has strengthened its security measures and implemented new security measures following the breach.

The affected individuals will receive a letter containing information about the incident and instructions on how to safeguard their data.

Last week, another healthcare provider Jefferson Health in the US has revealed that patient information was exposed as a result of the third-party breach at Elekta. The leaked information included SSNs for some patients, but no financial information.

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