Druva's "Curated Recovery" Aims to Resolve Ransomware Incidents More Quickly

Druva’s “Curated Recovery” Aims to Resolve Ransomware Incidents More Quickly

Druva, the cloud data protection and management firm, has developed “Curated Recovery” to defend against the constantly expanding ransomware threat.

Druva’s “Curated Recovery” reduces the impact of a ransomware attack by creating unencrypted, uncorrupted, and malware-free system recovery points. It ensures a successful recovery even before one is required.

Curated Recovery was announced on Sep 21. It detects abnormalities in an IT system as they occur. When an incursion is identified, Druva quarantines the malware and, using intelligent automation, restores all system files back to their previous condition to the ransomware was discovered.

Curated Recovery detects the latest clean version of each file via its recent modifications by pre-establishing many recovery points, replacing a resource-intensive procedure that can take weeks with a streamlined recovery strategy.

As a result, IT teams can quickly locate the most current clean version of all their data and resume regular operations.

According to Druva, their Accelerated Ransomware Recovery platform includes a zero-trust design that ensures only customers access their data. Features like excess deletion prevention block ransomware from permanently destroying backups.

Druva’s Accelerated Ransomware Recovery uses intelligent automation and orchestration to minimize data loss. Moreover, it integrates with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) tools.

Its key components are:

  • Access Insights: Obtain situational awareness by understanding the location and identity of all access attempts.
  • Anomaly Detection: Learn about file modifications, creation, recovery, and deletion at the data level. Users may set up notifications for unusual behavior and utilize anomaly data to determine when an attack happened.
  • Quarantine: Quarantine affected systems and snapshots as soon as possible.
  • Recovery Scans: Before restoring a snapshot, scan it for known malware and customer-provided signs of compromise.
  • Curated Recovery:Within a defined period, automatically recover the most recent clean version of each file, drastically decreasing recovery time.

Druva Cloud Platform is a cloud-based platform that delivers globally accessible, scalable, and autonomous business data resilience. It is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is available as-a-service.

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