Google Will Automatically Enroll 150-Million Accounts in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Google Will Automatically Enroll 150-Million Accounts in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Recently, Google stated that 150 million accounts would be automatically enrolled in two-factor authentication (2FA) by 2021.

Currently, users can opt in for an optional security feature, known as two-factor authentication or 2-step verification (2SV), to safeguard Google accounts from unwanted access.

When a Google Account has 2SV enabled and someone enters in with the correct login and password, they must provide a different type of verification to prove themselves as the account owner.

A code from SMS text or an authenticator app, Google Prompt, a hardware security key like a Yubikey or Google Titan, or even an iOS device can be used for this extra verification.

Google stated in May that it has begun enrolling users in 2SV to set up accounts currently and safeguard against credentials being revealed due to data breaches or the usage of simple passwords.

For an account to be auto-enrolled, it must have either a Google app installed for authentication or a backup mobile device for account recovery.

Google clarified in a recent blog post that the best way to keep users safe is turning on the security safeguards by default. That’s why they have started to set customers’ accounts to be more secure automatically.

By the 2021 end, Google intends to enroll an additional 150 million users in 2SV automatically and will require 2 million YouTube creators to enable it. According to Google, these additional accounts will only be enrolled provided they have “adequate backup mechanisms” in place to move to 2SV.

Google is working on different technologies that consumers can employ if they cannot enroll in 2SV owing to accessible authentication methods.

You may run a Security Check up on your Google Account to see if your account has proper settings for 2SV, which will clarify options available to you.

Users should enroll in 2SV immediately rather than waiting because 2-factor authentication is vital for safeguarding online accounts and data breaches that regularly reveal passwords.

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