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This All-in-One Privacy Suite is a Must-Have Tool to Protect Your Business

Data privacy has been an ongoing issue that companies relentlessly navigate for the last decade. From data phishing, breaches, hacks, to identity frauds, the number of cybersecurity threats that organizations constantly face is insurmountable. As digitalization further evolves, privacy issues don’t just grow in volume, but also in complexity. This leaves companies across all industries scouring for solutions to protect all facets of their business – not just their employees, but also their customers.

It wasn’t until the peak of the pandemic in 2020 that organizations globally heavily transitioned their operations into digital platforms. While it promises ease, flexibility, and scalability, the risks of data vulnerability reached an all-time high. As a result, leaders and privacy officers heightened their vigilance by implementing bulletproof cybersecurity practices, such as higher password protection, electronic data backup, regular software updates, firewalls, and monitoring to detect breaches. But despite all efforts, the void is still clear: a glaring gap between the customers’ and companies’ privacy experience still leaves so much room to be desired. From overly complicated data mapping, unorganized privacy requests, to inefficient risk assessment, businesses still have a long way to go to fully simplify and optimize data privacy solutions.

Mine PrivacyOps, an all-in-one privacy suite, is committed to empowering brands and customers by continuously optimizing their regulatory posture and improving customer relationships through respectful and compliant data transparency, consent, and control.

What Does Mine Do?

Established in 2018, Mine PrivacyOps helps brands build trusted relationships with their customers by honoring their data and treating it with transparency and compliance with current laws. With Mine’s PrivacyOps platform, data protection, legal, and IT teams have a quick and simple way of handling privacy requests, data mapping, consent management, data classification, and more.

Mine PrivacyOps is widely used by big and small brands in highly regulated industries and is recognized by those customers as a leader in the industry on G2. Their suite of products includes:

  • Privacy requests – This feature allows companies to streamline and automate the entire DSR process, fulfill requests with two clicks, and provide a seamless user experience from start to finish.
  • Data mapping – Mine enables companies to effortlessly create their GDPR compliance Records of Processing Activity (ROPA) and automate privacy request fulfillment with a live blueprint of all data sources and collected PII in your organization.
  • Data sources integrations – One of the most integral features of Mine is its no-code integration, allowing companies to easily fulfill privacy requests that connect to external data sources. It boasts an easy-to-use interface that’s simple yet powerful.
  • Evidence by Mine – This feature allows companies to identify and validate users by email. This helps teams save time and reduce unnecessary back-and-forths during the data subject requests validation and verification stage. What’s more, companies can easily streamline their process with all the needed context to fulfill DSRs.
  • Vendor risk assessment – Mine allows companies to protect their third-party digital ecosystem with a data-driven approach, providing full visibility, comprehensive view, and risk analysis of all vendors’ cyber postures.
  • Consent management – Mine helps companies to stay compliant with all privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD, as part of a streamlined privacy program to avoid risks and privacy fines
  • DPO advisor – This news-style hub helps companies to stay ahead of the curve with the rapidly changing global privacy laws and regulations.
  • Privacy center – This feature allows end-users to control their privacy choices and easily submit standardized data access or erasure requests.

As companies gear up in preparation for evolving data privacy laws and emerging cybersecurity risks, Mine PrivacyOps serves as a key player in protecting three integral components of an organization: the business, employees, and customers.

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