Hitachi, Trend Micro, Microsoft Japan Agreed to Collaborate on Security For Connected Cars

Hitachi, Trend Micro, Microsoft Japan Agreed to Collaborate on Security For Connected Cars

Hitachi, Microsoft Japan, and Trend Micro Incorporated have agreed to collaborate on connected car security solutions.

The three businesses will collaborate on connected car development by combining Hitachi’s automotive and IT solutions, Trend Micro’s automotive and cloud security solutions, threat intelligence, and Microsoft’s cloud platform.

Their collaboration will result in security solutions that detect, analyze, and handle cyberattacks on autos and peripheral systems inside connected vehicles. Before the 2022 end, automotive manufacturers and suppliers in Japan will access the solutions, followed by worldwide markets.

Trend Micro’s automobile security solution “Trend Micro IoT Security for Automotive” detects and blocks cyberattacks on information systems in cars linked to the Internet, like car navigation systems.

Hitachi’s original in-vehicle Intrusion Detection System reduces the operational burden of monitoring by reducing control systems’ false positives and over-detections, like gas pedals and brakes, and systems that communicate between control and information systems.

Security sensor logs, such as attacks and communication irregularities that exploit vulnerabilities, are gathered and delivered to the cloud using Trend Micro and Hitachi security solutions for automobiles.

Microsoft Azure will create a platform to detect, assess, and control cyberattacks involving autos in this collaborative solution. Security logs and alarms will be divided into analytical data for threat detection and data required as evidence.

It is possible because of a streamlined data processing capacity that records millions of events per second and the storage database. Azure will also provide security and compliance assistance for this endeavor. Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph will help identify the latest security risks.

Trend Micro’s cloud security solution, “Trend Micro Cloud One,” protects the cloud platform where diverse automobile data is kept.

The solution combines security sensor records to look for attacks and communication anomalies that exploit vehicle flaws. Connected automobiles benefit from better protection due to Trend Micro’s complete threat intelligence, which links security sensors, vehicle log information, detection mechanisms, data, and threat analysis.

Furthermore, the threat monitoring platform offers the essential log data for incident response and countermeasures, allowing the Security Incident Response Team and Security Operation Center to detect threats early and respond quickly.

Smart automobiles are vulnerable to attacks because they are connected to the Internet. To properly detect and respond to incidents and signals of cyberattacks, threat monitoring, and continuous security is necessary inside connected automobiles and the platform.

Automobile makers that sell passenger vehicles on public highways, including but not limited to trucks, buses, and trailers, must also follow local rules and regulations to assure their safety.

The alliance is expected to emerge as a solution capable of monitoring and securing multiple automobiles operating worldwide against the ever-evolving threat.

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