UL Now Recognizes PSA Certified For Obtaining UL's Secure IoT Component Qualification

UL Now Recognizes PSA Certified For Obtaining UL’s Secure IoT Component Qualification

UL announced it would recognize PSA Certified as a way for achieving UL’s Secure IoT Component Qualification. The makers of IoT components can use this certification to confirm they meet the industry’s best practices for Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity.

UL is the global safety science leader that promotes trust by enabling the safe adoption of innovative new products and technologies. It helps companies to demonstrate safety, enhance sustainability, strengthen security, achieve regulatory compliance, and more.

The company says the move will help reduce the fragmentation of the IoT security standards and allow manufacturers to reuse their component security certifications. In addition, it will save companies costs on third-party evaluation.

Cybersecurity platform NXM’s Autonomous Security was the first component of NXM to achieve both the PSA Certified Level 1 and the PSA Certified Level 2 certification from UL. These recognitions demonstrate that NXM’s software incorporates advanced IoT cybersecurity capabilities and is capable of handling complex security tasks and processes.

“We are honored to be the first cybersecurity software company to achieve both PSA Certified and UL’s Secure IoT Component Qualification,” said Scott Rankine, CEO of NXM. “Our Autonomous Security software leverages the advanced security capabilities of Arm®-based chips, combined with independent security evaluations and collaboration on market-facing solutions with industry-leading organizations such as UL, to give consumers peace of mind that the connected products they purchase are designed to mitigate cybersecurity risks.”

UL’s new Secure IoT Component Qualification from UL helps manufacturers identify and secure third-party components for their products.

Through the collaboration between UL and PSA Certified, both frameworks have been able to align their requirements and provide a fast-track to achieving the Secure IoT Component Qualification. This framework is also aligned with the requirements of UL’s IoT Security Rating.

UL will also recognize the PSA Root-of-trust, which is a capable implementation of a root-of-trust approach, developed specifically for IoT products.

Many Internet of Things (IoT) devices rely on third-party components for secure communications and data storage. A PSA-certified component can provide a product manufacturer with a faster pathway to market by obtaining UL’s IoT Security Rating.

“Secure components and solutions, like NXM’s achievement of both PSA Certified and UL’s Secure IoT Component Qualification, emphasize the value UL places on secure ecosystems, secure product design and life cycle management, and helps give manufacturers the confidence to bring secure connected products to market,” said Isabelle Noblanc, global vice president and general manager of UL’s Identity Management and Security division.

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