Massive Overhaul of Microsoft Defender for Windows to Make it Better

Massive Overhaul of Microsoft Defender for Windows to Make it Better

Microsoft Defender for Windows will be redesigned entirely, allowing home network administrators to monitor antivirus, compromised passwords, phishing, and identity theft warnings from a single security dashboard using Android, iOS, and Mac clients.

Antivirus solutions used to be very much a single PC program, with each device getting its protection and none of the devices communicating with one other.

Instead of giving a centralized reporting dashboard, if one device identified malware, just the individual operating the device would be aware of it.

Antivirus providers began to offer stripped-down versions of their corporate programs as home networks got more intricate, linked, and diversified, allowing a home admin to control all of their devices from a single dashboard.

Microsoft has been focused on business security for the past several years, leaving Windows 10 users with adequate but very generic Microsoft Defender antivirus software.

Microsoft Defender is a security program that ensures safety and peace of mind. According to the Microsoft Defender Preview app description, their customized dashboard can allow monitoring the security posture of Windows and other linked devices (Android, Mac, and iOS) all in one spot.

Internally, this new preview is called ‘Gibraltar.’ It is presently only available to Microsoft personnel. Antivirus, phishing protection, password breach detection, identity theft monitoring, security advice, and more are all expected to be included in the new security package.

Using email or QR code invites, home admins will add additional family members to their dashboard. These invitations will very certainly allow a device to install an iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS agent that will enroll the device in the family’s security dashboard automatically.

Home network managers may monitor all registered devices for “health” notifications, such as stolen passwords, malware alerts, or identity theft concerns, using their “personal dashboard.” 

It’s unknown when the Microsoft Defender Preview will be ready for testing, but it’ll most likely arrive in the near future for Windows 10 and Windows 11 Insiders.

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