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Weekly Cyber Threat Report, April 25-29, 2022

Welcome to CyberIntelMag’s weekly roundup! A place where you can find the most important stories in the cybersecurity world from the past week.

The Good News 

This week’s good news includes IBM database updates addressing critical flaws, Cloudflare stopping a record DDoS attack, Microsoft fixing a cross-tenant bug in Azure PostgreSQL, Cisco patching 11 high-severity flaws, and much more. 


The Bad News 

This week’s bad news includes T-Mobile acknowledging the hack by Lapsus$, computer systems of the Costa Rica government being targeted by cybercriminals, North Dakota-based healthcare billing services provider being hacked, new Prynt stealer malware being made available for sale, a new malware being used by North Korean hackers to attack journalists, Coca-Cola investigating a cyberattack incident, Chinese hackers using upgraded PlugX malware to attack Russian army officers, and much more. 

  • In March, T-Mobile confirmed that it became the victim of a security breach when the LAPSUS$ mercenary gang obtained access to its Internal Tools and Source Code. The company was infiltrated multiple times by this gang during this period. 
  • Quantum ransomware was identified to carry out fast-moving attacks (aka rapid network attacks) that leave defenders with little time to react. It was first discovered in August 2021. 
  • Computer systems of the Costa Rica government were targeted by ransomware, and the administration refused to pay a ransom as it hurried to create solutions and defend itself as cybercriminals began releasing stolen data. The Conti gang claimed responsibility for the attack. 
  • A cyber-attack on a North Dakota-based firm that offers software and billing services for doctors and healthcare professionals reportedly harmed more than 500,000 clients. 
  • A new info-stealer malware, Prynt Stealer, was found to be available for sale. It is sold for a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription of $100, $200, or $700, and a lifetime license can be purchased for $900.It comes with a robust set of features, as well as keylogger and clipper modules. 

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