CyberIntelMag's Threat report

Weekly Cyber Threat Report, May 22-26, 2023

Welcome to CyberIntelMag’s weekly roundup! A place where you can find the most important stories in the cybersecurity world from the past week.

The Good News

This week’s good news includes government agencies being ordered by CISA to fix iPhone flaws used in attacks, Google starting a bug bounty program for its Android apps, AT&T fixing vulnerability allowing account takeover using a phone number and ZIP code, D-Link patching auth bypass and RCE flaws in D-View 8 software, and much more.


The Bad News

This week’s bad news includes Android phones being vulnerable to brute-force fingerprint attacks, AWS being exploited by Indonesian cybercriminals for profitable cryptocurrency mining operations, food distributor Sysco asserting that a cyberattack exposed 126,000 people, Microsoft IIS servers being the target of the North Korean Lazarus Group’s espionage malware attack, Middle Eastern and South Asian governments being attacked by a new threat gang, Iranian tortoiseshell hackers attacking logistics sector in Israel, Brazilian hackers attacking financial institutions in Portugal, DDoS attacks launched by Dark Frost botnet against gaming industry causing devastating damage, and much more.

About the author

Yehudah Sunshine

Yehudah Sunshine

Bringing together his diverse professional cyber know-how, intellectual fascination with history and culture, and eclectic academic background focusing on diplomacy and the cultures of Central Asia, Yehudah Sunshine keenly blends his deep understanding of the global tech ecosystem with a nuanced worldview of the underlying socio-economic and political forces which drive policy and impact innovation in the cyber sectors. Yehudah's current work focuses on how to create and or opportunities enhance marketing strategies and elevate cyber driven thought leadership for cyfluencer (www.cyfluencer .com), the cybersecurity thought leadership platform. Sunshine has written and researched extensively within cybersecurity, the service sectors, international criminal accountability, Israel's economy, Israeli diplomatic inroads, Israeli innovation and technology, and Chinese economic policy.