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Weekly Cyber Threat Report, November 28 – December 2, 2022

Welcome to CyberIntelMag’s weekly roundup! A place where you can find the most important stories in the cybersecurity world from the past week.

The Good News

This week’s good news includes African law enforcement disrupting $800K scams, UEFI vulnerability being fixed by Acer, EU police closing 13,000 websites in a piracy crackdown, Spanish police dismantling a campaign running investment frauds, and much more.


The Bad News

This week’s bad news includes Belgian police being attacked by hackers, the “invisible challenge” trending on TikTok being employed by hackers for distributing malware, North Carolina college confirming a breach of sensitive data, a Keralty ransomware attack affecting the healthcare system of Columbia, USB devices being used by Chinese hackers to attack organizations in Philippines, compromised OEM Android platform certificates being used to sign apps containing malware, IBM cloud supply chain flaw revealing novel threat class, and much more.

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CIM Team

CIM Team

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