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Weekly Cyber Threat Report, November 7 – November 11, 2022

Welcome to CyberIntelMag’s weekly roundup! A place where you can find the most important stories in the cybersecurity world from the past week.

The Good News

This week’s good news includes Google patching high-severity privilege escalation flaws in Android, Siemens and Schneider Electric addressing critical flaws, Lenovo fixing vulnerabilities that can disable UEFI secure boot, Microsoft patching a 0-day flaw exploited for pushing malware, and much more.


The Bad News

This week’s bad news includes Robin Banks phishing services returning to steal banking accounts, a cyberattack disrupting operations at Maple Leaf Foods, Ukrainian hacktivists claiming to breach Russia’s Central Bank, LockBit affiliate employing Amadey bot malware, many cyberattacks found abusing IPFS decentralized network, StrelaStealer malware stealing Thunderbird and Outlook accounts, Chinese cyberspies being responsible for new BadBazaar Android malware, and much more.

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CIM Team

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