A Comic Book Distributor Is Having Trouble with Shipments After a Ransomware Strike

A Comic Book Distributor Is Having Trouble with Shipments After a Ransomware Strike

Following a ransomware strike on Sunday, leading comic book distributor Diamond Comic Distributors is trying to keep up with anticipated shipments. The firm stated that owing to the attack, its planned shipments on Wednesday will be delayed by two to four days across the country and reorders are likely to restart within the following 72 hours. The delays will impact international retailers.

The firm stated it was dealing with a ransomware attack impacting its order processing systems and internal communication platforms. Diamond Comic Distributors said that their IT department and a team of third-party specialists are working around the clock to fix these difficulties and restore full operations.

They further said that customers’ data and financial information are not kept on their network, and they have no reason to assume they have been harmed due to this incident.

“We’ve determined that the systems issues we’re experiencing are the result of a ransomware attack. These attacks have, unfortunately, become increasingly pervasive in recent months, impacting organizations around the world. We want to assure you that customer data and financial information is not stored on our network and as such we have no reason to believe it has been impacted by this attack,” the alert reads.

Diamond Comic Distributors, based in Maryland, said it was working with Agility Recovery to deal with the situation and notified law enforcement.

Diamond Comic is one of the world’s largest print comic book distributors, with hundreds of stores relying on them for some of the most popular titles. According to Josh Rickard, security solutions architect at cybersecurity firm Swimlane, the attack demonstrated that ransomware gangs might inflict considerable harm even without stealing consumer or corporate data.

Rickard clarified that the website of Diamond Comic Distributors had been temporarily taken down, and the company’s capacity to fulfill consumer orders has been hampered. It impacted not only Diamond Comic Distributors’ business and success but also the other retailers to whom it sells a variety of comic books daily.

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