Bridgestone Americas Has Disconnected Production Facilities After 'Security Incident'

Bridgestone Americas Has Disconnected Production Facilities After ‘Security Incident’

After a possible cyber-attack yesterday morning (February 27), Bridgestone Americas apparently “disconnected” several of its production and retreading operations. According to the reports, the tiremaker stated that it is unable to establish with certainty the scale or type of any possible event at this time.

In statements shared with several media outlets, the company said, “Bridgestone Americas is currently investigating a potential information security incident. Since learning of the potential incident in the early morning hours of February 27, we have launched a comprehensive investigation to quickly gather facts while working to ensure the security of our IT systems.”

Out of extra precaution, they isolated several of their manufacturing and retreading plants in North America and Latin America from their network to limit and prevent any possible impact. The company also said that they could not assess the scale or type of any possible incident with confidence until they learned more from this inquiry. However, they will continue to work carefully to resolve any potential concerns that may harm their operations, data, stakeholders, and customers.

In Canada, Central America, Latin America, and the Caribbean, Bridgestone Americas employs over 55,000 people in more than 50 manufacturing plants. The parent company is called Bridgestone Corporation, and it is headquartered in Japan. Its offices and manufacturing units in different parts of the world play a significant role in making it the world’s largest tire manufacturer.

When approached for further details about the attack, Bridgestone Americas failed to provide an answer. Any information from the company is still awaited.

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