CNA Insurance Firm Hit By A Cyberattack, Operations Impacted

CNA Insurance Firm Hit By A Cyberattack, Operations Impacted

The sixth-largest commercial insurance company in the USA has suffered a cyberattack that impacted the company’s operations and forced it to shut down its website.

At the time of  writing, the company’s website displays a message saying that CNA is currently experiencing “a network disruption:”

CNA website outage

According to BleepingComputer’s sources familiar with the situation, the company suffered a cyberattack that forced them to shut down a portion of its IT systems.

Meanwhile, The Insurer reported that the attack on CNA has disrupted the underwriting and claims services, likely due to systems becoming unavailable. 

Financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies providing underwriting services guarantee payment in case of damage or financial loss and accept the financial risk for liability.

CNA has confirmed in a statement on their website that the attack has caused network disruption and shut the corporate email down. The insurer said that they have disconnected their IT systems from the network.

“On March 21, 2021, CNA determined that it sustained a sophisticated cybersecurity attack. The attack caused a network disruption and impacted certain CNA systems, including corporate email.”

The company engaged a team of third-party experts to investigate the attack and determine the full scope of the impact. They have also alerted law enforcement and notified employees. The company provided its employees with “workarounds” so that they can continue using CNA’s services. CNA promised to keep serving the needs of their insureds and policyholders to the best of the company’s ability.

CNA assured that the security of its data and the data of its insureds and other stakeholders is of the utmost importance to the company. 

Should the company find out that the attack impacted its insureds’ or policyholders’ data, it will notify those parties directly, the company management promised.

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