Denmark's 7-Eleven Acknowledges Ransomware Attack Causing Store Closures 

Denmark’s 7-Eleven Acknowledges Ransomware Attack Causing Store Closures 

7-Eleven Denmark revealed that 175 stores were shut down on Monday due to a ransomware attack. The business confirmed that threat actors broke into its network and encrypted systems; it gave no further details about the group responsible. 

“This is a so-called ransomware attack, where the criminals have forced access to the network and locked the systems,” 7-Eleven DK stated on Facebook. “The case is being handled in cooperation with the police, and 7-Eleven is currently not going to go into further detail about the investigation, the scope and the consequences of the attack.” 

The cyberattack took place on Monday, stopping cash registers and payment acceptance at 7-Eleven outlets in Denmark. As a result, all 7-Eleven stores nationwide were shut down while the firm looked into the issue. According to 7-Eleven DK, stores have begun employing regional operating methods, including taking cash or MobilePay. A Google Docs file was released with a list of 135 7-Eleven stores and kiosks that had started running again. 

7-Eleven CEO Jesper Østergaard posted on Facebook that he wants to express his gratitude to the business owners and staff for their tremendous efforts and willingness to adapt, as well as to customers, suppliers, and business partners for their support and understanding. Although the corporation claims that there is no proof that the incident has impacted clients, partners, or suppliers, we will probably soon learn if the threat actors took any data now that we know it was a ransomware campaign. 

Before encrypting devices, ransomware gangs frequently grab data from internal networks during attacks. The threat actors then use the stolen data as leverage to coerce a victim into paying a ransom by threatening to publicly expose the data if the ransom is not paid. The attack on 7-Eleven DK was not claimed by any ransomware gang. 

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