Mahan Air Hacked Using Documents Purportedly Tied to the IRGC

Mahan Air Hacked Using Documents Purportedly Tied to the IRGC

On Sunday morning, the Iranian airline Mahan Air was the latest victim of a cyberattack. The hacker gang “Hooshyarane Vatan” claimed responsibility, purporting to have received documents linking the airline to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The organization acknowledged that it had been the target of a cyberattack but claimed that to be averted.

Though it’s unknown what was taken at first, if the attack was successful, it might be a scaled-down version of at least two prior operations designed to humiliate the Islamic Republic and undermine its credibility with the West. Despite the past designation and proof, the current intrusion might yield more damaging evidence at a critical moment for the Islamic Republic as it prepares for nuclear talks with international powers next week.

According to Iran’s Fars News Agency, Mahan Air stated on Sunday that similar strikes had been carried out “many times” against the firm. The business said that this is a common occurrence, and Mahan’s Cyber Security Team has always moved smartly and quickly to counter these attempts. The company clarified that all flights were on time, and they would provide updates if any were delayed.

Despite the company’s protestations, Hooshyarane Vatan stated that it was able to get internal Mahan Air papers, emails, and reports that showed evidence of the airline’s ties to the IRGC. According to the group, the corporation noticed the intrusion but was unable to halt it.

In a tweet, Hooshyarane Vatan said that the IRGC is to blame for the Ahwaz people’s attempted genocide through deliberate neglect. Stopping the river, poisoning animals, and tormenting innocent people are all things that have been done in the past.

It further said that we, the Nation’s Vigilant, conducted a cyberattack against Mahan Air, which is at the center of the IRGC’s smuggling operation. Please accept our apologies if you have booked a flight with Mahan Air; nonetheless, you may wish to consider other options. We will continue to expose the regime’s corruption until Ahwaz receives justice.

The Ahwaz minority is one of several repressed Iranian minorities who regularly carry out cyber and physical attacks on the state. These organizations, however, are said to routinely get technological and other support from Israel, the United States, and other nations with continuing disputes with Iran.

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