Major Italian Energy Company ERG Suffered a Ransomware Attack

Major Italian Energy Company ERG Suffered a Ransomware Attack

Italian energy company ERG has suffered a ransomware attack. However, according to the company, it has only experienced a few minor disruptions with its information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure.

The Renewable Energy Group (ERG) is the leading wind power operator in Italy with a growing presence in Germany, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria. It is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and has operated for over 80 years in the production of wind energy, solar energy, hydroelectric energy, and thermoelectric cogeneration energy.

While ERG referred to the attack as “a hacker attack,” a news report from La Repubblica said that it was carried out by LockBit 2.0 ransomware group.

The LockBit ransomware gang started operating in September 2019. Recently, in June 2021, we reported that the gang launched the LockBit 2.0 software that can automatically encrypt a Windows domain using Active Directory group policies. This marked the first time that a ransomware gang automated ransomware distribution that can be done without the need for scripts.

ERG published an update concerning the “rumors” in the media coverage to clarify the situation:

“Concerning the recent rumors in the media on hacker attacks on institutions and companies, ERG reports that it has experienced only a few minor disruptions to its ICT infrastructure, which are currently being overcome, also thanks to the prompt deployment of its internal cybersecurity procedures,” the company said on its website and also on Twitter.

All of its plants are operating smoothly, and they have not experienced any downtime, and business operations has not been disrupted, the company assured.

This is particularly important for the energy company because on Monday, Enel, Europe’s largest utility, agreed to acquire ERG’s hydroelectric power portfolio, which has a total of 1 billion worth of assets.

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