New Ransomware gang Hive Leaks Altus Group's Sample Data

New Ransomware Gang Hive Leaks Altus Group’s Sample Data

Altus Group, a software company providing software, data solutions, and independent advisory services for the real estate industry, revealed on June 14 that it suffered a security breach. Today, we found out the Hive ransomware gang leaked its confidential files. Apparently, negotiations regarding a ransom have stalled, and the criminals decided to release the stolen data to put pressure on the company.

The June 14th incident affected Altus Group’s back-office systems and communications systems. At the time, however, a week after the incident, they reported “no evidence of impact.” It was later revealed that the incident might have been caused by a new ransomware group called Hive. Yet, the company did not disclose whether any information actually leaked.

Throughout its further updates, the company refused to discuss the matter. But it is believed that the leak happened.

This week, a new ransomware group called HiveLeaks that has no prior history of breaches launched a darknet website, which it calls Hive and published its first victim – Altus Group.


There are proofs that Hive is a ransomware group since it stated the data to be “encrypted”, suggesting that Altus Group can pay itself out of the trouble.

Cybernews reported seeing a sample of data that includes various types of exfiltrated files.

Altus Group is yet to acknowledge the legitimacy of the leaked data nor revealed any information regarding the situation.

We’ll keep you updated with new information once it is available.

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