Olympus Cyberattacked for the Second Time in 2021

Olympus Cyberattacked for the Second Time in 2021

Olympus, a Japanese electronics company, announced on Tuesday that it is investigating a cyberattack on its IT systems in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

According to Olympus, the cybersecurity breach was discovered on Sunday, although it is still being investigated with the help of forensics specialists.

The company’s statement reveals that they have halted impacted systems and notified relevant external partners as part of the investigation and containment. Based on the present research’s findings, the incident was limited to the Americas, with no known consequences in other parts of the world.

They are working with relevant third parties to resolve this issue, and they’ll continue to take all required steps to provide a secure service to their consumers and business partners.

The new issue comes after the business revealed another hack on September 11. That incident’s statement is nearly identical to the one issued today.

The ransomware attack, which was thought to be carried out by the BlackMatter ransomware gang, targeted its EMEA IT infrastructure. TechCrunch was able to get a letter from BlackMatter on compromised machines confirming that they were behind the hack.

By September 14, Olympus had issued a new statement, characterizing the event as “an attempted malware attack.” This incident resulted in no data being accessed, according to the company.

After rising from the ashes of the DarkSide ransomware gang this summer, BlackMatter has become one of the most productive ransomware groups.

Neil Jones said that the second hack on a technological giant like Olympus in less than a month, cybersecurity advocate at Egnyte, should serve as a big wake-up call. No large multinational business should believe itself immune to ransomware attacks.

He further said that senior executives and IT directors should also be aware that while no technical solution is 100 percent successful, meticulous planning may avoid a substantial number of ransomware attacks.

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