Porto Seguro, A Brazilian Insurance Company, Has Been Hacked

Porto Seguro, A Brazilian Insurance Company, Has Been Hacked

One of Brazil’s major insurance companies, Porto Seguro, has confirmed a cyberattack that has disrupted its service channels and some of its systems.

On Thursday (14), the firm notified the event to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), stating it “immediately activated all security measures” and that it has been progressively recovering its operational environment and trying to resume regular operations as soon as feasible.

Porto Seguro did not provide any more information on the type of attack it had experienced but did say that no data leakage had been discovered concerning the firm, its subsidiaries, customers, or partners, including any personal information.

Porto Seguro, Brazil’s third-biggest insurance firm, dominates the country’s car and residential insurance categories, with about 10 million customers throughout its many business lines, including credit financing.

The firm is the most recent in many big Brazilian companies to experience serious security breaches in recent weeks. CVC, one of the country’s major travel operators, was struck by a ransomware attack earlier this month, bringing its operations to a halt.

The company has had a banner on its website since the attack, which was reported to CVM on October 2, indicating that it has been cyber-attacked and is working tirelessly to reduce the event’s impact and guarantee business continuity. The CVC’s investor relations page, where the event’s updates would have been posted, was inaccessible when writing this post.

Before CVC and Porto Seguro, other big Brazilian firms attacked by cybercriminals include Renner, which was hit by a ransomware attack in August that paralyzed its e-commerce network for three days.

According to a study released in July by Datafolha Institute, the fear of cyberattacks is strong among Brazilian users. In September, the banking industry began discussions with the Ministry of Justice about developing a plan to combat criminality in digital settings.

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