Ragnarok Ransomware Hits Boggi Milano Clothing Brand

Ragnarok Ransomware Hits Boggi Milano Clothing Brand

Boggi Milano has confirmed that attackers exfiltrated 40 gigabytes of data by using Ragnarok ransomware.

Italy-based Boggi Milano is a luxury Italian clothing brand with 190 stores in 38-plus countries outfitting men in high-end fashion clothes.

Before the acknowledgment came, the hackers had been bragging about the attack on the Dark Web and multiple sources reported that the brand had been hit by a ransomware attack.

Boggi Milano confirmed that the ransomware among stolen data were human resources files and salary information. 

While a technology blog TechNadu reported that their investigators with the help of KELA, a monitoring tool for the Dark Web, viewed files leaked by Ragnarok and saw payroll files, payment PDFs, vouchers, tax documents, and more.

It is unknown whether the Ragnarok gang made any ransom demands to return the files. 

Meanwhile, Boggi Milano’s website is operational, and the company is working closely with Italian authorities to investigate the incident.

Erich Kron from KnowBe4 said called it a reminder that no industry is immune from ransomware attacks.

“Although the impact to the operation of the organization appears to be minimal, the loss of roughly 40GB of data, potentially including that of customers and employees, can be a significant issue,” Kron said. 

He also said the victims of such data breaches can face significant fines that could be imposed by multiple countries whose citizens have been impacted if the company operates globally.

According to research from PurpleSec, ransomware attacks have spiked 350% since 2018. Criminals operating these attacks are indiscriminate and hitting anyone to earn money. Over the past several months, we’ve seen attacks on hospitals, schools, vaccine manufacturers, food suppliers, local governments, and now fashion brands.

“Ransomware attacks are the new great digital train robbery, stealing data and crippling business through a constantly evolving attack ecosystem and malware that can evade perimeter controls,” Mark Bower, a data-security expert said.

Both a solid cybersecurity strategy and a data backup solution are critical for avoiding such attacks, he added:

“If data is neutralized using modern data-centric techniques that enable data use in the enterprise while protected, while restricting access to the minimum live data, attackers will get the equivalent of digital coal, not data gold, and soon move on to the next vulnerable target,” he said. 

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