VoIP Provider Fighting a Huge DDoS Attack for Ransom

VoIP Provider Fighting a Huge DDoS Attack for Ransom

VoIP.ms, a Canadian VoIP operator, is currently fighting a week-long ransom distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. This company provides internet telephony services to businesses across the United States and Canada.

On Sep 16, it confirmed the DDoS attack via Twitter and said that right now, they are still working to mitigate the impact of the massive DDoS attack on their infrastructure. The full goal is to re-establish all of the services so that its clients can stay connected.

Earlier this week, its domain name service (DNS) infrastructure was also harmed by the attack. Its website is still inaccessible many days after the attacks were initially reported.

On Wednesday, VoIP.ms apologized to consumers and acknowledged that the company was still under assault from a ‘ransom DDoS attack.’ According to VoIP.ms, it has more than 80,000 clients across 125 countries.

According to recent studies, DDoS attacks are growing more common, disruptive, and increasingly involve ransom demands. The company’s website shows that Cloudflare, a CDN service, is presently being used by VoIP.ms “to defend itself from internet attacks.”

In August, Cloudflare claimed to have assisted in blocking the world’s biggest DDoS attack, which originated from 20,000 hacked internet-connected devices in 125 countries.

Ars Technica reveals that visitors to VoIP.ms must complete captchas before being allowed to access the site. Post completion of the captcha challenge, the VoIP.ms website shows the following message:

“Our Websites and POP servers are still being attacked by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) assault. Our team is working hard to put a stop to it, but the service is still being disrupted.”

The company’s most recent update was released on Wednesday via a Facebook post, where it said that they haven’t stopped working on all tasks required to keep their website and voice servers safe from the attack directed at them. They have the entire team and professional assistance, working every minute to control the issues and ensure that all critical services are operating as expected.

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