Walmart Scammers Say Your Shipment Was Not Delivered

Walmart Scammers Say Your Shipment Was Not Delivered

A Walmart phishing campaign is currently active and attempting to steal your personal information by asking for your email address that attackers will use for future phishing attacks.

In the new email phishing campaign, attackers pose as Walmart customer support. Emails titled “Your Package delivery Problem Notification lD#” say they couldn’t deliver your order because your address is incorrect. 

 “Unfortunately we were not able deliver your postal package in time because your address is not correct. Please reply us with the correct shipping address,” the phishing email says.

If you click the ‘Update Address’ button, your email application will construct a new email that is sent to many email addresses that belong to the attackers.

Walmart impersonators ask victims to give their mailing addresses so that the perpetrators can use the obtained information for identity theft, to obtain access to the victims’ other accounts, or for spear-phishing.

The news was first shared by BeepingComputer, its researchers claims to have received at least three reports over the last week from victims warning about this recent round of attacks.

Online users are advised to be on the watch for unusual emails from Walmart and treat them all warily. Don’t open suspicious links but instead go directly to the legitimate site to check whether there is indeed an issue with delivery. If you have inadvertently supplied your address in reply to this phishing email, expect targeted phishing attempts to follow up soon, as threat actors will most likely use the stolen information to perpetrate malicious activity, including phishing.

Additionally, BeepingComputer advises protecting credit card history to ensure that erroneous history is not formed in your name; a good way to prevent identity theft is to temporarily freeze your credit report:

“To prevent identity theft, you can also temporarily freeze your credit report to stop banks and other companies from issuing credit under your name.”


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