Customers Of Hosting Company TPG TrustedCloud Impacted In An Attack

Customers Of Hosting Company TPG TrustedCloud Impacted In An Attack

Two customers of the TrustedCloud hosting service, offered by TPG Telecom, have been breached in a cyberattack, the telco revealed.

TPG Telecom announced on Monday that data belonging to its two customers had been illegally accessed on its legacy TrustedCloud hosting service. 

TPG Telecom, formerly Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Limited, is an Australian telecommunications company.

The company believes no other customers had been impacted by the breach, as the service runs in an isolated network.

“The incident was isolated to the TrustedCloud service. The TrustedCloud service is hosted in a standalone environment that is separate from our telecommunications networks and other systems,” the company said. “The incident has not impacted customers from any of our other brands, products or services.”

The TrustedCloud service is “in the process of being decommissioned” and will be phased out in August this year. TPG Telecom came into ownership of TrustedCloud when the telco purchased IntraPower in 2011. The company said there only a “few” customers using the service.

The company says it has introduced security measures to protect the TrustedCloud service from new attacks.

“Although we are confident this incident has not impacted our other environments, we have also increased the cybersecurity defences across our entire business.”

Earlier this month, the Australian Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) has revealed it deliberately shut down its legacy mobile device management (MDM) system after an attempt at an intrusion into the network.

“The attack did not cause an outage of the DPS systems. DPS shut down the MDM system. This action was taken to protect system security while investigation and remediation were undertaken,” DPS said.


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