Ermetic Adds Automated Identity Governance for Multi-Cloud Infrastructures

Ermetic Adds Automated Identity Governance for Multi-Cloud Infrastructures

Ermetic, a leading provider of cloud infrastructure security, introduced new capabilities that allow organizations to automatically identify and manage security policies for multi-cloud environments. The new identity governance capabilities of the Ermetic Cloud Security platform are now available worldwide to its partners.

Ermetic is an Israeli security platform that enables organizations to create and enforce policies that govern the use and security of sensitive resources. The platform’s real-time alerts provide visibility into events and actions, such as unauthorized changes to entitlements, that otherwise could have gone unnoticed.

A recent survey conducted by IDC revealed that almost all surveyed organizations experienced a cloud-based data breach in the past 18 months, while the figure was 79% last year. When asked about the major threats to their cloud infrastructures, more than half of the respondents mentioned the lack of visibility and inadequate identity management.

For its customers, Ermetic added identity governance templates to help organizations easily govern identities and entitlements, while also enforcing standards and regulations, such CIS and ISO frameworks.

The company says its new automated governance capabilities reduce the number of low-importance alerts to help organizations identify necessary changes in their policies and behaviors to achieve a better security posture:

“The sheer volume of entitlements in a typical enterprise’s cloud infrastructure makes the manual monitoring and management of risky activity and configuration changes impossible,” said Sivan Krigsman, Chief Product Officer for Ermetic. “Our new governance capabilities use programmatic automation to expose behavior and policy modifications that require immediate attention or investigation, without creating a flood of unnecessary alerts.”

The new capabilities allow Ermetic to automatically identify and alert users and resources that are affected by policy violations, for example, unauthorized or suspicious activity.

Ermetic’s cloud identity governance framework will alert about:

  • Unnecessary privileges and access rights
  • Policy violations around specified resources or identities
  • Unauthorized configuration changes to access settings on a bucket, security groups, etc.
  • Risky settings such as unwanted inbound connections

Examples of identity governance use cases include:

  • Alerts when sensitive permissions are extended to unauthorized users/groups
  • Alerts when access permissions to sensitive resources are assigned to unauthorized users/groups
  • In addition, new capabilities allow separating virtual public clouds from a gateway and disallow outbound connections for them to prevent information theft and other cyber threats.

To conclude, the Ermetic Software-as-a-service platform is an identity-first solution that gives you complete multi-cloud protection. Its advanced analytics coupled with the new automated identity governance capabilities provides continuous monitoring of risks from unauthorized access, permissions, behavior, and more across the entire cloud.

Image: Ermetic

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