NordLayer takes business VPN to another level of network access security

The modern business environment is rapidly changing due to evolving cybersecurity background. Progressing technologies allow companies to adopt more efficient and effective ways of working. Yet, recent pandemic conditions altered the pace and state of necessity for companies to be adaptive and agile to ensure business success.

With massive migration to a hybrid work model and global workforce distribution, the capacity of traditional VPN tools and legacy perimeter security became insufficient to support high-quality company performance. Therefore, NordVPN Teams evolved into comprehensive business VPN solutions with an advanced approach towards cybersecurity tendencies, thus relaunched as NordLayer.

A custom solution approach that adheres to individual company needs, growth, and scale combining prominent cybersecurity features is an uncomplicated way to achieve network security for small and medium-sized companies with limited staff, time, and financial resources. It’s also a time-saving and convenient approach to compliance with cybersecurity requirements.

NordLayer design is leaning towards the most recognized cybersecurity practices — the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) infrastructure and the Zero Trust model that both create the backbone for the contemporary cybersecurity landscape. Cloud-based SASE architecture combines SD-WAN, firewall feature, traffic filtering, and data encryption. At the same time, the Zero Trust model ensures cloud security with a ‘trust none, verify all’ approach for substantial network protection.

The development of NordLayer reflects the best NordVPN product capabilities adapted to the B2B environment. Businesses with remote teams need a fuss-free, practical, and simply deployable solution with a wide range of flexible security features available to be set on and off according to long and short-term company security needs.

The urge to upgrade

Everything that revolves around cybersecurity indicates the need to change existing perimeters and requires revising preset user roles and security policies — but is the necessity reasonable? Industries are facing similar tendencies of lacking skilled staff, especially cybersecurity experts. Work From Anywhere (WFA) policies opened doors for insider threats and highlighted the issue of accessing company resources outside a company HQ.

Any vulnerability is an opportunity for malicious activities that result in data breaches, which escalate to reputational and financial losses, regulatory compliance investigations, and fines. Therefore, the urge to upgrade or at least audit internal security policies and tools is critical homework every company should consider since the number of cyberattacks is growing every day.

However, implementation of a new infrastructure often refers to a time-consuming, expensive, and complex project that doesn’t look appealing at first sight. NordLayer attempts a straightforward and value-add improvement to lower the struggle IT administrators and managers have to deal with when transitioning to a secured environment. The solution allows centralized configuration, extensive implementation, and layered security measures for maximum effect.

NordLayer — business VPN & more

Formerly known as NordVPN Teams, NordLayer was primarily a VPN solution for small and medium enterprises that needed to enhance the security of network connectivity on a larger scale. Shortly, once the cybersecurity needs of organizations started building up, NordLayer introduced new security features to support the demand for adaptive and flexible security capabilities in one place.

Outgrown its definitive concept as a virtual private network provider, NordLayer developed a secure network access solution that combines SASE and Zero Trust established principles providing a hardware-free and comprehensive tool for quick and intuitive deployment. Business transition to a safe environment is seamless and straightforward.

NordLayer solution provides security services and ensures first-hand experience allowing traffic flow monitoring and security policies control in a consolidated administration system that enables direct decision-based solutions. Around-the-clock available tech-savvy support team and open knowledge base back up centralized controls for contained risk management.

What features define NordLayer?

NordLayer invests in a global server pool to ensure minimal latency and service performance. Shared and private server types allow encrypting and concealing user traffic from the rest of the internet or enabling fixed IP and allowlisting features for extra security. Private gateways enable a site-to-site feature that connects internal company LAN to sensitive company resources, available only via secure remote access regardless of the connection to either a public or trusted network.

Smart Remote Access is an extensive support feature for remote teams that creates an ‘as if in the office’ virtual environment without any location restrictions once teams connect to a private gateway with a running NordLayer client. Smart Remote Access capabilities enable server and system access, point-to-point device controls, sharing and accessing files, a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) solution. NordLayer application with established Smart Remote Access builds a virtual office setting to access stationary on-site devices and remote troubleshooting with endpoint-to-endpoint security features.

A fully cloud-native and integral with major OS, NordLayer ensures company network security with AES 256-bit traffic encryption and zero-trust model-based features for user identity authentication and validation with major-providers compatible Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Single Sign-On (SSO), and biometric authentication.

The solution helps ensure organization-confirmed members are accessing role-defined company resources and applications and supports BYOD policies. NordLayer allows companies to maintain regulatory compliance’s data protection and security requirements.


NordLayer subscription varies on three pricing plans with different sets of offered features & benefits. The Basic plan, for as much as $7/user per month, includes an unlimited number of users and license transferability, 2FA and SSO, shared access to 30+ global server locations with no traffic limitations, AES 256-bit encryption, auto-connect, ThreatBlock, and jailbroken/rooted device detection. NordLayer members get access to Control Panel with centralized billing and settings management and 24/7 available tech-minded support.

Advanced plan contains all the Basic plan offered benefits starting at $9/user per month with the added value of dedicated account management, priority technical support, and the ability to purchase dedicated servers with up to 1Gps speed. Choose from 20+ dedicated server locations for a private gateway that enables fixed IP and IP allowlisting, site-to-site, network segmentation, custom DNS plus biometric authentication feature, and Smart Remote Access for your distributed teams.

Custom pricing plans are designed for larger enterprises already offering combined benefits of Basic & Advanced subscriptions with premium technical support. Contact our sales team for individually arranged comprehensive security solutions that fulfill your business requirements.

Listed subscription costs reflect prices with annual billing — yearly subscription helps save up to 22% off the expenses.

Why NordLayer is a go-to solution?

Evolving business operation models with hybrid work policies and remote teams indicate growing cybersecurity risks that bring infrastructural and security challenges for businesses. A cost-effective and comprehensive product like NordLayer is a direct problem solution with quick and effortless deployment.
NordLayer’s offering includes business-relevant network security measures that stack layer by layer, creating watertight resistance for external and internal threats. SASE and Zero Trust practices-based solution design collects network segmentation and access control, remote user protection, internet threat protection, and SaaS application access control.

With NordLayer, responsible teams can manage access rights and monitor the company network using an intuitive and centralized overview and ensure robust network security in the current cybersecurity environment.

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