VMware Outlines Its Goal For "Easy" Security

VMware Outlines Its Goal For “Easy” Security

VMware is announcing several security enhancements for multi-cloud, apps, and the workspace at the VMworld conference. VMware is launching the industry’s first Elastic Application Security Edge for better, more flexible cloud-to-cloud safety (EASE, pronounced as “easy”).

EASE is a collection of networking, security, and observability data plane services supplied with a scale-out distributed architecture that allows an EASE environment to expand and shrink as app demands change.

It is a significant shift from how things have been done in the past. There is now the ability to auto-scale apps in public cloud settings to match the workload. However, the networking, security, and observability services that secure and link these apps are inflexible.

EASE exemplifies VMware’s security strategy: Instead of competing with numerous suppliers and solutions currently on the market, the firm is looking for innovation gaps and filling them with simple-to-use solutions.

The basis for EASE is the security concerns of the rapidly changing work environment. How can we expect existing security solutions to be adequate for this environment if things in the world have changed dramatically?

VMware is also offering new techniques to protect the workload itself, in addition to safeguarding cloud-to-cloud workloads. VMware has a three-step procedure within the network to ensure the security of workloads in the VMware cloud. It covers traffic segmentation, signature-based analytics, and novel tapless traffic analysis not reliant on signatures.

VMware is upgrading Workspace ONE with a compliance engine that evaluates hundreds of posture checks on the device, OS, and apps to safeguard devices. It will enable the desired state to be restored with minimum impact on the end-user experience. VMware Carbon Black now works with Workspace ONE and is designed for Horizon VDI setups.

The vision for multi-cloud application security is a significant stride after introducing the VMware cloud operating model.

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