Amazon Rolls Out End-to-end Encryption In Ring Smart Doorbells Globally

Amazon Rolls Out End-to-end Encryption In Ring Smart Doorbells Globally

Amazon has announced that it is rolling out End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) in Ring smart doorbells to its customers globally.

Ring first released E2EE to US customers in technical preview in January 2021.

“Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re moving it out of technical preview and expanding the feature’s availability to customers around the world,” Ring announced.

Ring already encrypts all customer videos in transit and at rest by default. Now, customers with eligible Ring devices can opt into Video End-to-End Encryption to secure their videos.

E2EE is a video management system that enables customers to control access to their video streams. It prevents unauthorized access and ensures that not even Ring or Amazon can view them.

Ring has a list of video doorbells and cameras that support the Video E2EE and more technical details about its End-to-End Encryption in its whitepaper, which was published yesterday.

“We designed E2EE so that users can enable this encryption feature at any time and control who can view their videos while still being able to use core functionality, such as video streaming,” Ring added. “Even if a user disables E2EE, the videos that were encrypted while it was enabled will stay encrypted.”

Last year, Ring introduced 2FA for all user accounts. This feature prevents attackers from gaining access to your accounts even if they have the username and password. Now, Ring added support for third-party authenticator apps to sign in to accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA) to block automated login attempts.

This came after a series of attacks on Ring cameras, which prompted the company to change its login policy to prevent threats against users in the future.

In case of selling their devices, customers will be able to transfer ownership of them without reaching out to their local support team Ring said.

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