Optus Adds McAfee Monitoring To Protect  Connected Devices

Optus Adds McAfee Monitoring To Protect Connected Devices

Optus has partnered with McAfee to fight malware and other threats in smart homes. Optus home routers will now support McAffee software.

Optus has rolled out WiFi Secure product, which protects home devices by active monitoring provided by McAfee software. Optus home routers now have McAfee software installed on them that will block the spread of malware and other malicious threats. The software monitors for malicious websites and malware and blocks attempts to access home wi-fi networks to protect such internet-connected products as security cameras, baby monitors, and smartwatches.

The telecom company says the move comes at the right time when the number of internet-connected devices is ever-increasing and so does the need to “automatically protect” those potentially vulnerable devices.

“It’s built into the Optus compatible modems and, helps to make sure all internet traffic passing through the modem, to any device on that network, is safe — even those without a display screen,” Optus said.

The software on the router is connected to the McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Cloud Network and is constantly updated with the latest intel. The company claims they do not send any personally identifiable information to McAffee. In case the McAfee cloud is not reachable, the software will still have the data stored locally. 

“Based on activity from millions of sensors worldwide and a dedicated research team, this always-on, cloud-based threat intelligence service collects and publishes online threats that are uploaded to your network every minute to provide you and your family the latest protection,” the telco said.

Optus customers who have a family plan subscription get the blocking at no additional cost, while all others can add WiFi Secure at AU$5 a month.

Optus is an Australia-based company, headquartered in Macquarie Park, New South Wales, and a member of the Singtel group of brands. Singtel is Asia’s leading communications technology group.

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