Quad Countries Announce Tech Initiatives, Involving Shared Cyber Standards

Quad Countries Announce Tech Initiatives, Involving Shared Cyber Standards

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, aka Quad, has launched several non-military technological projects to foster global collaboration on essential and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, 5G, and semiconductors.

On Friday, leaders of the Quad countries — Australia, India, Japan, and the United States — gathered for the first time in person. The goal to create new global cybersecurity standards across multiple technological industries was one of the primary objectives outlined by the security bloc.

A joint statement from the Quad stated that they’d form sector-specific contact groups to promote an open, inclusive, multi-stakeholder, private-sector-led, and consensus-based approach towards developing technical standards.

The Quad stated it would release a Quad Statement of Principles to develop these global technology standards, which would serve as a roadmap for implementing responsible, open, high-standards innovation.

In addition, a new Quad Senior Cyber Group will be formed. It’ll have “leader-level specialists” who will frequently convene to improve collaboration between government and industry on shared cyber standards adoption and implementation; creation of secure software; expansion of the IT workforce; and encouragement of the scalability and cybersecurity of safe and reliable digital infrastructure.

According to Quad countries, the security bloc would also begin cooperating on space and combating cyber threats, strengthening resilience, and safeguarding critical infrastructure.

The Quad nations will seek new partnerships in space, and share satellite data for peaceful objectives like climate change monitoring, disaster response and preparedness, sustainable ocean and marine resource management, and responding to issues in shared contexts.

A new fellowship program will also be formed in collaboration with the industry. This initiative will award 100 graduate fellowships to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics students from all four nations.

New efforts were also launched to strengthen semiconductor supply chains, 5G deployment, diversification, and track biotech scanning trends.

Moreover, the Quad confirmed to support small island governments, particularly those in the Pacific, to strengthen their economic and environmental sustainability.

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