Siemens Introduces AI Solution to Combat Industrial Cybercrime

Siemens Introduces AI Solution to Combat Industrial IoT Cybercrime

Siemens Energy has rolled out a new cyberthreat monitoring and response solution for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The industrial sector is transforming into IIoT or Smart Factory (Industry) 4.0. It is rapidly shifting from outdated, independent, on-the-floor systems and setups to connected platforms that use IoT for maintenance, monitoring, and data collection suited for operations and future business decisions.

However, network establishment and device placement online without the proper protection may give unauthorized access to threat actors.

As IoT is gaining pace and Operational Technology (OT) is becoming more intelligent, companies must manage and protect endpoints and industrial networks to reduce the risk of damage, data theft, and disruption induced by external parties.

Siemens announced a new product called Eos.ii on Tuesday. It is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform that provides CISOs with an evergreen basis for IIoT cybersecurity. The platform must not be confused with the EOS.IO blockchain protocol.

This platform gathers and summarizes data flows from IIoT endpoints so that security teams can use them and present insights in a single interface.

The standardization of data flow will eliminate complex or junk data. This, according to siemens, will provide analysts with a greater chance of identifying abnormal activities “that could signify a cyberthreat.”

Moreover, machine learning algorithms will help Eos.ii automatically adapt defensive procedures and prioritize high-impact occurrences.

With the emergence of new threats, Eos.ii easily incorporates their recognized features into automatic defenses and allows for straightforward manual upgrades to its rules-based detection engine. The use of Eos.ii will ensure defenders spend less time on regular tasks and more time on performing effective investigations.

A whitepaper from Siemens describes the impact of IIoT cyberattacks and the role of Eos.ii in securing industrial systems of the present time.

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